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9 de outubro de 2013

The Elvis Files Volume 3 : 1960-1964

From the author of the critical acclaimed book Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas comes The Elvis Files Volume 3 : 1960-1964 Deluxe Hardcover Book containing every working moment ... every getting to that busy elvis schedule, lots of returning from each elvis project, elvis at play images. (over 200 photos, newly discovered - seen for the first time), plenty of off set candid moments, most of the recording sessions have pages of features (film & studio), elvis being honored with many awards during this 6 year period, all the 'many interviews' are shown, wonderful photos of elvis' charity work in the 1960s, the hawaii and memphis 1961 shows.. are showcased with many rare pictures, the movies from gi blues up to 1964, are covered in great detail, with many surprises - over 1200 photos on 400 pages ... 

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