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26 de setembro de 2013

Assista ao Aloha From Hawaii Aqui / Watch Aloha From Hawaii here

O vídeo dessa semana foi compartilhado por nosso companheiro da comunidade Tudo Sobre Elvis, +Stephen Ellis. O Aloha From Hawaii é muto bom. Quando começa com aquele pi, pi, pi eu já fico louca.
Continuem compartilhando seus videos na comunidade e eles virão pra cá. Já que esse espaço é pra todos os amantes de Elvis.

The video this week was shared by our fellow community All About Elvis, +Stephen Ellis . The Aloha From Hawaii is very good. When one starts with pi, pi, pi I'm already crazy.
Keep sharing your videos into the community and they will come forth. Since this space is for all lovers of Elvis.

3 comentários:

  1. The Edition of Aloha here shown is the first Edition which came out on VHS Tape in the beginning.This is actualy how the Concert truly was seen by the billions back on Jan 1973.The reason for the Satelite and Beeps was to show that Elvis was the firstest to ever transmit a Concert Via Satelite in the history of Entertainment.So Elvis was/is a Legend even in Space LOL TC TCB

    1. Excellent informations Stephen. Always enriching our site. Thank you very much.

    2. Your so very welcome Mam. Elvis lost his life for music for us all.


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