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21 de abril de 2009

Love Letters Elvis - Part 1

Until now these love letters have been kept close to Anita’s heart and private due to the sensitive nature of the content. In which Elvis express his feelings in several handwritten love letters to the girl back home while expressing a deep love and his desire to marry her upon his return. Finally, the two-year separation took it tool on the young couple and was here where their final parting was to be and a new name suddenly entered the headlines Priscilla Today, five-decade collection of pop memorabilia up for sale at Christie's auction house . Up for auction is a love letter written in 1958 by Elvis Presley to his girlfriend Anita Wood, in which the king of rock 'n' roll states his intention to marry her. From the start of his career Elvis life was constantly under close scrutiny by the press whatever he did or said wherever he went and with whom… was reported. The press is probably the main contributor to the list of girls and Hollywood leading ladies, which Elvis has supposedly dated or has been linked with romantically
We all know Elvis’ first official girlfriend was the lovely and vivacious blonde, Anita Wood had a lot more in common with Elvis. She like Elvis had moved to Memphis as a teenager from a rural area of Tennessee where she was born. Annie (as Elvis sometimes liked to call her) first meeting was set up by a mutual friend as a blind date. Elvis and Anita spent a lot of time together in Memphis before his career really took off. They would usually spend their time at the cinema, the skating rink or place they both loved, Libertyland. While dating Elvis, Anita got to know Gladys Presley very well. The two got on famously, probably because of their similar background. Anita would recall that Gladys half expected Elvis to marry her because they were so close and that she just couldn’t wait to see their little children walking up the driveway. This letter by Elvis proposing marriage to girlfriend Anita Wood
sold at auction for $14,100.00

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