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21 de abril de 2009

Love Letters Elvis - Part 4

It may be my imagination but you seem as though you have something to tell me but yet you're not sure. I hope I'm wrong. You know after going through what I have in the last 18 months you sometimes wonder if anyone really cares. Please believe me when I tell you it's you and only you my darling. But I think that you will keep your word, and tell me if you had grown to care for someone else and vice versa. I have been sleeping out on the ground, and I have a fever and tonsillitis again. I am listening to the radio and all the guys are sitting around with sad looks on their faces. Do you remember when you used to bounce for me and I would laugh so hard? Darling I pray that you haven't let your loneliness, passions, and desires make you do something that would hurt me. If you have it is better you tell me now. I can't believe you

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