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21 de abril de 2009

Love Letters Elvis - Part 3

toward you have not changed, but instead has grown stronger that I ever thought it could. I have hurt you sometimes because I was mad at some of the things you did or I thought you did, but everytime these things happened I thought that maybe you only liked me for what I am, and didn't really love me for myself. These things happen in life baby, misunderstandings, heartbreaks and lonliness, but the fact remains, if it's really love Anita , if we really love each other it will last, and these things will be something of the past, although things will come up in the future that will hurt us both. They are to be expected. I have had feelings that in the last few months something has happened as far as you're concerned, not only because you haven't written but by the sound of your voice when I talk to you. The warmth and love seems to have dimmed.

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